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Helpful Tips on Using Core Bits

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Barrel Cracking

  1. Too much feed pressure. (Remedy: Back off on pressure.)

  2. Segment too hard for material being drilled. (Remedy: Use bit with softer segment.)

Segment Cracking and Loss of Segments

  1. Bit is too hard for material being drilled. (Remedy: Use softer bit if possible, increase motor RPM)

  2. Machine setup is not rigid. (Remedy: Tighten anchor, check vacuum system.)

  3. Start-up to brutal. (Remedy: Always start drilling gently.)

Jamming of the Core Bit

  1. Loose drilling machine. (Remedy: Secure the drilling machine firmly.)

  2. Broken core of concrete, reinforcing steel in the hole. (Remedy: Realigning.)

  3. Lack of water. (Remedy: Supply sufficient water and work the core free without force.)

  4. Loss of side clearance of segment. (Remedy: Check the side clearance of the segment. If too little, change the bit.)

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