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Safety Instruction - Grinding Cup Wheels

1. Observe the working site's safety regulations.

2. Keep bystanders out of the work area.

3. Safety goggles, gloves, footwear, ear and head protection and a mask are recommended.

4. Before use, examine the grinding cup wheel for any cracks or other damage.

5. Ensure that the grinding cup wheel is suitable for the material being out.

6. Disconnect power to the machine before mounting the grinding cup wheel.

7. Ensure that the diamond cup wheel is securely fastened to the machine. If the diamond cup wheel does not securely fit, a washer may be put between the cup wheel and the machine to ensure a tight fit.

8. Ensure that the machine guard is mounted and correctly fitted. Never pull guards back, remove them or leave them in the open position.

9. Ensure that the grinding surface is clean from debris.

10. Maintain a firm grip on the tool during grinding.

11. To ensure a longer diamond life, use with water to assist cooling of the diamond cup wheel.

12. Ensure that the proper RPM is used to avoid overheating and glazing.











13. Before grinding, let the tool run for a few seconds without load. If the diamond cup wheel wobbles, vibrates, or has an unusual noise, stop the tool immediately. Examine the diamond cup wheel for damage or incorrect mounting.

14. Avoid Shap or abrupt contact with the surface material.

15. Maintain a straight grinding plane to avoid side load or twist.

16. Do not use the cup wheel for extensive periods as excessive heat can cause vibration and glazing.

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