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Safety Guidelines for Blade Users

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

1. Do clean the flanges before installing the blade and checking both plates are the same diameter.

2. Do ensure that the blade is correct for the material being cut.

3. Do ensure that the arrow on the blade corresponds with the direction of rotation of the machine spindle.

4. Do ensure that the blade is in balance and running true.

5. Do ensure that the machine bearings and spindle are not worn, or blade life will be reduced,

6. Do avoid tilting the blade when cutting.

7. Do only use machines which have an approved safety guard.

8. Do removed the blade from the machine during transit to prevent accidental damage.

9. Do inspect blade frequently to detect cracks or undercutting to steel center.

10. Do observe the abrasive wheels regulations 1970.

11. Do ensure that the machine is not dropped on the blade.

12. Do always wear appropriate protective equipment including head, ear, and eye protection plus gloves and safety footwear.

13. Don't use your blade on metals or other unsuitable materials. If you have any doubt, call out our office.

14. Don't apply pressure and force your diamond blade through the cut. The weight of the machine will suffice. Increased pressure means increased wear.

15. Don't let excessive heat be generated at the cutting edge of the blade.

In addition to the recommendations for dry cutting, please adhere to following additional procedures for wet cutting.

1. Do ensure adequate water supply to both sides of the blade.

2. Do ensure that the the blade cuts parallel to the wheel axis.

3. Do follow the manufacturer's recommended pulley sizes and operating speeds for specific blade diameters.

4. Do tighten drive belts to ensure full available power.

5. Do use drive pin fitted to the machine.

6. Don't force blade on blade shaft or mount blade on undersized spindle.

7. Don't use paper washers to pack out the clamp plates.

8. Don't force the machine so that the blade rides up out of the cut.

9. Don't operate machine with damaged or open blade guard.

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