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Dupont Profile Router Bit is used for edging Dupont (H) style on countertops of granite and Engineered stones.


  • Use: Wet
  • Applications: Granite, Engineered Stone
  • Machine: Router edge machine
  • Dupont edge (Shape H) profile router

  • Continuous, Rim, Segmented, or Slotted type available

  • Position 1 and 2 available

  • Rim Type: Clean and smooth shaping performance.
  • Slot Type: The slot lines show how much a profiler has been used. Longer lifespan, More balanced and faster shaping. Effective debris removal.

Dupont (H) Profile Router Bit

  • Type Diameter (mm) Spec
    Continuous 20 R-16.5
      25 R-20
      30 R-22.5
    Rim 20 R-15-3
      25 R-15-3
      30 R-25-3
    Segmented 20 R-16-2
      30 R-26-2
    Slotted 20 R-16.5
      30 R-223
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