The Zero Tolerance Drum Wheel is a great choice if you are looking for a clean and perfect balanced stock removal around the countertops. This drum wheel is used as 90-degree side grinding (round on the corner or straight on the side). It is a premium quality that can perform aggressively and but with no vibration when grinding. The vacuum brazed is able to grind faster than the metal segments.


  • Use: Wet
  • Machine: Angle grinder
  • Application: Granite, Engineered Stone, Marble, Deckton, Porcelain/Tile
  • Tip height: 41mm
  • Thread: 5/8"-11F
  • Max RPM: 4,000

Vacuum Brazed Zero Tolerance Drum Wheel

  • Diameter (inch) Height (mm)
    2 40
    3 50
    3 40

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